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Our Services

We utilize our significant experience in employment law and HR consulting to create real-world solutions for our clients. Out team includes attorneys licensed in Michigan. Together, our team has amassed almost 50 years of legal expertise assisting the business community with compliance. The following provides a sample of the services we provide for companies:

  • Navigating employee separation, including pre-suit strategy development and litigation management support
  • Pre and post-employment legal document development and advice, including job applications, arbitration agreements, employment contracts, noncompete and confidentiality agreements, and termination and separation agreements
  • Consultation on employment discrimination and harassment law, including navigating disability and religious accommodations and preparing and advising clients on EEOC / Department of Civil Rights complaints and responses
  • Strategies on avoiding Wage and Hour/Overtime Law Issues and assistance
    with Department of Labor audits
  • Public and private sector labor relations issues
  • Legal compliance advice for employee onboarding and personnel management, including employee handbook review and development, personnel file management, 1-9 compliance, background and credit check processes, garnishment procedures, and required employee notice and posting
  • Employment practices insurance coverage consulting
  • Whistle-blower protection issues
  • Consultation on employee injury, including workers’ compensation compliance and MIOSHA reporting
  • Creating and presenting effective manager and employee training and mentoring programs