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Wage and Hour/Overtime

How to avoid an audit

Are you up to date on new wage and hour guidelines for exempt employees?

Do you have independent contractor agreements?

Are you aware of the cost of misclassifying an employee?

Would you have sufficient assets to cover a wage and hour settlement or judgment that includes back wages, liquidated damages, claimant’s attorney fees, civil monetary fines and penalties, and potential individual criminal or civil liability?

What would you do in the event of a Department of Labor audit or a wage and hour suit?

These are some of the questions that hit employers when faced with potential wage and hour violations. Regulations in this area are complex and often confusing. In the area of wage and hour compliance, ignorance of the law does not provide a defense to the strict liability for paying employees in compliance with state and federal law. Further, the Department of Labor holds all employers to the compliance standards regardless of employer size, financial resources or sophistication of your HR team.

With our experience navigating the wage and hour complexities, the 360 HR Services team consults with our clients to provide strategies that minimize pitfalls and maximize sound compliance with Wage and Hour laws.