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Termination/Separation Strategies

Ready to terminate an employee, but fearful of litigation?

Do you have documentation and termination strategies in place which would justify a business reason for termination?

Will you use a separation agreement that helps minimize liability for your company?

Afraid to contact your attorney as you know the clock starts when the call begins?

Would you prefer plans and strategies to help you manage your employees even before an issue occurs?

Rather than living with fear or uncertainty, know that you have 360 HR Services to help mitigate liability. We assist employers with devising processes to manage employees. This includes creating plans for separating employees. Rather than waiting for a complaint or claim, we encourage our clients to be proactive and we work with you from onboarding to separation and beyond. With our creative, cost-effective plans,
our clients know that they can call us even before a problem arises with employees and 360 HR Services is there every step of the way.

Helping our clients develop strategies when potential issues arise, reviewing and advising on effective disciplinary documentation, designing employee performance improvement plans, and creating effective separation agreements all with a goal to limit your exposure to liability.