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Staff Training

The EEOC recommends discrimination and disability training for employees on at least an annual basis. Do you have a training plan in place that is affordable and customized to your business?

Do you want to maintain a lean administrative office, but lack the resources to adequately train and coach your HR administrative assistants in the complexities of employment law?

Do you find it difficult to mentor and develop your managerial team and fifind potential leaders within your company?

Developing training and mentoring programs for managers and supervisors. Coaching for HR in-house staff. Educating your HR administrative team.Employee and manager training workshops and webinars

Whatever your training and mentoring goal is, 360 HR Services assists you with developing a program that works for your company.

Case Study

A manufacturing company with 75 employees came to us about managing their employment risks. Although they maintained employment practices liability insurance, they wanted to preserve their loss history and to avoid or limit potential claims.

Our staff:

  • Added a provision to their job application which limited the applicant / employee’s right to bring any claim to 180 days from the date of the act complained act.
  • Drafted a checklist for the client on new hire risk management.
  • Provided anti-harassment online training modules for the employer.
  • Revised the confidentiality and noncompete provisions document of the company.
  • Reviewed and updated the employee handbook to include the latest laws including adding a social security privacy policy.
  • Reviewed job descriptions for wage and hour / overtime issues
  • Attended monthly executive management meetings to report on employment risk management.
  • Advised the company on gaps in employment practices liability insurance.